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No-Flush Pre-Treatment, Leveling Agent & Cleaning Booster for high flash hydrocarbon (HFHC) systems

SpotLess HC is an effective pre-treatment designed to enhance stain removal and cleaning performance in high flash hydrocarbon (HFHC) and traditional petroleum systems.

SpotLess HC is designed as a no-flush pre-treatment; simply spray it on the garments and clean them in your machine without flushing on the board. SpotLess HC rinses stains out easily in the wheel without harming your system.

When used as a no-flush pre-treatment, SpotLess HC also works as a cleaning booster, improving the stain removal and soil suspension capabilities of your cleaning system on the whole load, not just the garments to which it is applied.

Pre-Treat for Easy Soil Removal

Reduces Recleans

Boosts System Cleaning Power

Prevents Spotting Rings

Versatile Uses

Safe on Delicate Fabrics

1 Gallon

To use:

Pre-Treat Soiled Areas. Simply Spray, Wait a Few Minutes, Then Clean

1. Use the 32 oz. SpotLess HC spray bottle to apply full strength. Do not dilute. Completely saturate the area needing treatment.

2. Areas of heavy soils such as hemlines and around pockets may require tamping.

3. Allow SpotLess HC several minutes to work.

4. Do not flush. Dryclean as normal.

Use at the Spotting Board to Remove Stains

1. Apply SpotLess HC directly to the fabric and completely saturate stained area.

2. Work the stain gently with spatula or by lightly tamping with a dry-side brush.

3. When soil is loosened or removed from fabric, continue with the drycleaning process. SpotLess HC is designed to remain on the fabric prior to drycleaning, so that you can machinerinse spotted garments. Therefore, do not flush, rinse or dry prior to drycleaning.

Control Moisture During Drycleaning (Leveling)

The problems caused by drycleaning fabrics that contain moisture from pre-spotting can be overcome by using SpotLess HC. Using a technique called leveling, it works by controlling the moisture that remains from wet-side stain removal procedures after the spotted area has been rinsed and air-dried with the spotting gun.

1. After using any wet-side stain removal agent AND after fabric has been rinsed and air-dried with the spotting gun, apply SpotLess HC liberally to the pre-spotted areas. This will control moisture that may remain in the fabric.

2. Lightly tamp the wet area, including fabric area just outside of ring. Do not flush, rinse or dry.

3. Dryclean as normal.

Add An Extra Boost to Heavily Soiled Loads (Batch Method)

For extra cleaning power for loads of heavily soiled garments, add SpotLess HC at a rate of 3 to 6 oz. per 10 lbs., depending on the degree of soil.

Note: For additional water-soluble soil removal, combine 5 parts SpotLess HC with 1 part water. Use as directed above. Do not add water to loads containing soft wools or cashmere.

*Hazardous Product, local Delivery only.*

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Spotless HC 1G

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