Silk Sheen 1G

ADCO Products LLC

Restores original brightness, depth of color and sheen to faded "washed out" looking garments.  Restores original soft body and hand to silks, wool, rayon, and other dry cleanable fabrics.

1 Gallon

To use:

Pull the finished silk load from the reclaimer/cleaning machine. While hanging the load up, inspect for those silks requiring Silk Sheen treatment and lay those silk garments to the side. Separate light silks from the dark silks. Saturate the garment with Silk Sheen in a clean, covered container. Remove the garment and place into the drycleaning machine. Lightly extract and cool dry at approximately 120° F. Proceed with the next silk using the same procedures.

*Hazardous Product, local Delivery only*

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Silk Sheen 1G

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