CP P.O.G. 1G

Diamond Chemical Company

Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover Spotter

  • All purpose oily type paint remover for use on the spotting board
  • Rinses freely with solvent and water.
  • Completely soluble in either synthetic (Perc) or petroleum solvents (Hydrocarbon).
  • Has great penetrating and lubricating action for faster release of stain discoloration.
  • Ideal spotter for lipstick loads and removal of latex and oil based paint, grease, ballpoint pen ink, shoe polish, mascara, and many more hard stains regular spotters can't remove.
  • Safe on fabrics and colors not affected by dry solvents.

1 Gallon

*Hazardous Product, local Delivery only.*

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CP P.O.G. 1G

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Tags: Dry-Side Stain Remover