Diamond Chemical Company

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CP P.O.G. 1G

Diamond Chemical CompanyPaint, Oil, and Grease Remover SpotterAll purpose oily type paint remover fo..

Regal Laundry Pre-Spotter 1G

Diamond ChemicalRegal is for use on heavily soiled & stained laundry items. It may be used in a ..

Shirt Safe Starch 45Lbs

Diamond ChemicalInstant StarchShirt Safe Starch is a pre-cooked, lubricated, non-sticking instant st..

Shirts Safe Detergent and Bleach 45Lbs

Enzyme Detergent & Oxygen BleachShirt Safe is a combination enzyme detergent and oxygen bleach e..

Signal 15 Detergent 50Lbs

Blue Powdered Low Foam Laundry DetergentSingal 15 is an economical complete detergent. It provides e..