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Genpak 10500 Foam Tray

Genpak compartment lunch trays are second to none in quality and functionality. With five and six co..

Genpak 80600 Foam Plate

6 inch round white foam plate. The 80600 is the smallest plate in the Celebrity foam dinnerware coll..

Genpak 80900 Foam Plate

Almost 9 inch round white foam plate. One of the medium sized plates in the Celebrity collection of ..

Genpak 81000 Foam Plate

Genpak is your source for all your plate, platter, and bowl needs. In addition to the above large, 1..

Genpak 81100 Foam Plate

Long, oval foam platter. Our Celebrity white foam platter measures 11.5 inches long and 8.5 inches w..

Genpak 81300 Foam Plate

This is a sturdy round foam plate option for barbecues, catering events and restaurants. Choose the ..

Genpak 83900 Foam Plate

A reliable 3 compartment, white foam dinner plate. With almost a 9 inch diameter, this plate is big ..