Diamond Chemical Company

Diamond Chemical Company
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CP P.O.G. 1G

Diamond Chemical CompanyPaint, Oil, and Grease Remover SpotterAll purpose oily type paint remover fo..

Regal Laundry Pre-Spotter 1G

Diamond ChemicalRegal is for use on heavily soiled & stained laundry items. It may be used in a ..

Shirt Safe Starch 45Lbs

Diamond ChemicalInstant StarchShirt Safe Starch is a pre-cooked, lubricated, non-sticking instant st..

Shirts Safe Detergent and Bleach 45Lbs

Enzyme Detergent & Oxygen BleachShirt Safe is a combination enzyme detergent and oxygen bleach e..

Signal 15 Detergent 50Lbs

Blue Powdered Low Foam Laundry DetergentSingal 15 is an economical complete detergent. It provides e..

Simple Blue Detergent 1G

Diamond ChemicalLiquid Laundry DetergentSimple Blue is a concentrated and powerful liquid laundry de..

Simple Soft Fabric Softener 1G

Diamond ChemicalFabric Softener ConcentrateSimple Soft is a special fabric softener concentrate with..